Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Empire Days Executive Vote To Cancel Event

It is reported in the News Bulletin that the leadership of the Empire Days Society is recommending to their membership that they cancel all May long weekend events.

The recent decision by City Council to cancel funding of the event, unless the society changed their name was the reason given for the decision.



  1. No fireworks, no parade - but at least council can be thanked for meddling in a name they should have nothing to do with. Are they now word police?

  2. Another long time tradition bites the dust. Traditions shape who we are. This erosion of parts of our culture will never end.
    It is a sad day when our British Heritage cannot be celebrated according to tradition.
    This is a an example of discrimination. Nanaimo celebrating the British Empire hurts no one.

  3. These festivities are/were inoffensive, fun, a pleasant way to spend a weekend celebrating the heritage of many of our citizens without a political agenda being shoved down throats. This is a big loss to our community. Meddling where not needed is apparently becoming the norm of the city council. Not a good trend.

  4. My thought is City Council has handled this unprofessionally and just another reason why Nanaimo is what it is. A dead zone that just cannot get off the ground and seems to never move forward. Nanaimo had a lot going back a number of years ago and was a fun town with activity and culture. Now so much red tape just circles the empty box this town represents today.

  5. So let me get this straight, lots of my is being spent by the city, NEDC, Tourism Nanaimo, BIA and now part of the yearly $85,000 to the Symphony to promote festivities and the city's CUTTING THEM!

    Shame, shame.


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