Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Feb. 23 COW Meeting Cancellation - Necessary??

Did The
Committee of the Whole Meeting
Monday Feb. 23/15
Have To Be Cancelled?

The February 23/15 Committee of the Whole Meeting was the second COW meeting in a row now that has been cancelled. The previous one out of respect and concern for Councillor Fuller.

There had been perhaps two hours worth of city business on the COW agenda for Feb. 23 which included several delegations including a report from Dr. Paul Hasselback, Medical Health Officer, Island Health which was the local area health profile for Nanaimo.

At the end of the regular business, council was going to go in-camera to discuss certain matters under Community Charter Section 90 (1).

Without any explanation that meeting was cancelled and replaced with a Special City Council Meeting which was conducted at the City Hall in the training room. That meeting ran from 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm which would make it appear as though the regular COW meeting business could have be taken care of with ample time to conclude the in-camera business.

This council is clearly getting off to a rocky start and while no one expected miracles I am thinking optimism for positive change was running pretty high after the last election, but given recent events ..................... not so much now.


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