Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is Moss On Steroids This Year?

 Moss On My Roof
Moss On My Walkway

Is This The Year Of SUPER MOSS??

I do all of my own maintenance and am quite aware of things needing attention such as moss on my roof, in my grass or on my walkways. There are areas on the shady side of our house where the moss tends to flourish which I have come to expect. That said, this year the moss seems to be on steroids and is thicker, greener and more abundant than I can ever remember.

After noticing it at my own home I started paying attention at different places and realize I do not have a monopoly on the green invader.I have even noticed it growing quite happily on asphalt driveways where I have never seen it before.

I presume our unusually mild winter may have something to do with it and wonder if moss doesn't go through cycles where it propagates at a faster rate. If anyone has any ideas or good suggestions on how to control moss on your roof without destroying the shingles I would love to hear about it.


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