Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nanaimo Empire Days May Long Weekend Parade Cancelled

Society Votes To Cancel Long Weekend Parade & Fireworks

The Nanaimo Empire Days Society held a general membership meeting on Feb. 25 at which the membership voted to ratify a recommendation from the executive that the society would not undertake the sole operation of the May long weekend events.

The general membership also considered a proposal put forward that would have seen them participate in a joint venture which would include SFN and the City of Nanaimo participation in the event. This proposal was also rejected, albeit a closer vote than the first order of business.

The society will now decide over the coming weeks and months what they will do as they decide how to wind down their society.



  1. Well good that this is finalized. No room for exclusiveness in a parade funded in part by taxpayers. If SFN are not welcomed then good riddance. Thanks for the info, this blog is an important part of our community.

  2. Submitted by Janet Irvine:
    I have been following this matter very closely, since city council’s meeting of January 19, 2015 and I truly hope that Mayor McKay will be issuing a press release ASAP on this, as ALL citizens, who are entitled to vote in Nanaimo, are also entitled to know the facts of the matter, including the terms and conditions of the "joint venture" proposal.

    First of all, the reason that Canadians have a “long weekend” in May, is due to the fact that the first Monday immediately preceding May 25 is a legal holiday, which is observed under the name of “Victoria Day”.

    Wallace Malay: Just wondering if you are aware that the parade organizer for 2015 was, apparently, a woman of aboriginal descent?

  3. Where was it said that SFN was not allowed in the parade? The City Council said that the Society was not allowed to use the name Empire in the name of the Society. Everything else was ok and would be funded if they changed there name. There was an old saying that sticks and stones will break our bones but names will never hurt us! I guess that is no longer true? What will be the next event or name the Council will be offended by, yours?

  4. I am glad that the society has decided to shut this down. Reminds me of a school yard fight when the bully would hold a person down until they said "uncle".

    Through-out the previous May Day celebrations I have never seen any
    depictions of suppression of one group by another and I bet if you asked anyone attending the event, they would say something about the Queens birthday.

    So, no, let's not replace the events of this particular celebration with a placeholder called heritage days.

    If we want heritage days, how about we have them on August 1st.

    If people were offended in the past of the term Empire, they simply had to stay home.

    What's next - should we start a petition to have the business licences revoked because the business has the word Empire in its name. How about the city - and Taxpayers not fund churches because of those worshippers belief in their religion.

    The May Day events brought value to this city, but as usual, the morality police at City Hall must show who they really represent.

  5. I just read this in the Daily News "It's business suicide for any business to associate with Empire Days," said Hong,

    I can't believe I read that. All one has to do is look at all the businesses, city departments and others that participated in the Empire Day parade in the past and you have to wonder what Hong meant by business suicide?

    Sure, my own business will suffer as I am an outspoken person, but I would rather remain true to myself than sell out in the name of profit.


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