Monday, February 23, 2015

Maybe This Time Is The Charm?

This Vancouver Courier article chronicles the history of downtown Vancouver to downtown Nanaimo ferry service. The one featured launched on Feb. 23 1969 and lasted four months before declaring bankruptcy.

The 35 passenger service offered an hour long crossing for $7.00 which offered the same price as BC Ferries but took half as long. After this attempt at a downtown to downtown passenger service there have been two others which have failed for different reasons.

Currently a fourth offering is in the works through IFSL which proposes a downtown to downtown service having already cut a deal with the city to lease space for a terminal on the Wellcox property which the company hopes to get underway subject to a Federal funding application.


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  1. Remember being the first one, with my mom, on the 2nd (afternoon) trip that famous day with my mom.

    Also remember mom using the airline-type bag provided - as it was a bumpy ride!



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