Monday, February 23, 2015

Nanaimo 2014 Civic Election Expense Declarations

The above chart shows how much was spent during the 2014 election campaign by each of those elected. The armchair quarterbacks will have some fun parsing these results and the relationship between dollars spent and votes captured right up until the next election.

Over the coming week, I intend to highlight where significant funding came from whether it be the corporate or union sector, both of which can be considered special interest groups who have a vested interest in seeing 'their' candidate elected.

Only time will now tell how many councillors truly have the interest of the community as a whole as their central motive as opposed to catering to the interests of those who helped see them elected.

I will also be posting some similar information of those candidates who spent large amounts of money and were not elected in the race for the 'big chair'.

During this past civic election there were a total of 63,861 eligible voters, 21.752 ballots cast with a turnout rate of 34.1%. This compares with the 2011 election when there were 64,057 eligible voters, 17,222 ballots cast with a turnout rate of 26.9%.


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  1. With respect to completion of Disclosure Statements filed with Elections BC for municipal election 2015, it seems to me that when a candidate for elected office posts on his Facebook on November 7, 2014 (during the election campaign period BEFORE election day) that he, (Jerry Hong), is offering a ‘free’ concert after the election (in December) in Diana Krall Plaza, as his way of thanking people for their support; shouldn’t the cost that the candidate incurred to hold that ‘free’ concert be disclosed by the candidate on the Disclosure Statement?


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