Friday, February 20, 2015

Nanaimo COW Meeting February 23, 2015

Committee of the Whole Meeting
Monday, Feb. 23 , 2015
4:30 PM Shaw Auditorium
Vancouver Island Conference Centre


The COW meeting scheduled for Monday, Feb. 23 has been cancelled by Mayor McKay.

A number of items on the agenda will have to wait for a future meeting to resolve.

One item is the 2014 Surplus allocation. Staff is recommending council put the $2.8 million surplus from 2014 into two different surplus accounts.

It is worthy of note, that this is tax money collected from Nanaimo taxpayers which exceeded expenditures by $2.8 million. Choosing to return this over taxation to Nanaimo taxpayers in the year 2015 would mean no need for a tax increase.

Council will be attending an in-camera meeting on Monday afternoon starting at 4:30 pm. I speculate the purpose of the meeting as an attempt at compromise between the councillors wanting to reduce taxes and those more than happy continuing on the tax and spend path.



  1. My two-bits for Kipp, Bestwick, Yoachim and Hong...Fuller when he comes back too....

    Screw whatever sr. staff and the McKay/Brennan bunch are whining about and DON'T LET THEM PUSH YOU AROUND as they try to muzzle you and your questioning. Stick to your guns, tie and hold up any motion which requires any spending of tax dollars what-so-ever.

    Let this gang of Tax-and-Spenders know Monday as they try to scold you behind closed doors who wields the big stick and the days of carefree $$$ being handed out without any thought are over and done! RIP.

    You guys are not disrupting meetings by questioning, you're actually the smart guys watching our money!!!

    You have the power Kipp, Bestwick, Yoachmin and Hong...KEEP IT!

    Kevan Shaw

  2. The money should be going to reducing the taxes for 2015! They actually have to debate such a common sense thing, geez!


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