Friday, February 13, 2015

Nanaimo Recycling Plastic Bag Confusion

Tied Clear Recycle Bags Not Being Picked Up

Before the change over to MMBC now handling Nanaimo recycling, residents were able to purchase and use a clear, light blue bag to put their recycling in at the curb. They could tie the top of the bag which contained their recycle material and the bag and all would be picked up on recycling day.

Apparently a considerable number of residents are still handling their recycling after this fashion, with the result the bag is not being picked up. This is both confusing and frustrating for people not understanding the change or the reason for the change.

Apparently while the clear light blue bags are recyclable they cause difficulties during the sorting process as the plastic bags become entangled in sorting machinery.

The Solution

Residents using the clear recycling bags may still use them, simply do not tie them at the top, leave them open so they can be emptied and left at the curb. Alternately you can use the yellow recycle bags freely available from the city or any clearly marked garbage receptacle.


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  1. Why would anyone buy plastic bags for recycling when the city provides a thick reusable bag for this purpose? I've been using mine for 10 years now.

    On another note, I'm not happy with this city's recycle program. It's ridiculous the amount of recyclables they won't pick up curbside. Styrofoam, glass, plastic bags, plastic film, books, etc. We all have to get in our vehicles, waste fuel, cause pollution by driving to the recycle depot to drop them off. What is the purpose of this when there is a truck that comes to our door every 2nd week? INSANE. Other cities pick up these items, why can't ours?

    Not happy that there is no yard waste pick up in this city either. Everything grows incredibly quickly and in great abundance here, yet the city makes no provision to pick up yard waste a few times per season. Instead, again, we must all get in our vehicles, wasting fuel and causing pollution to drop these materials off at the dump or recycle center, or hire someone to do it. Ridiculous.


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