Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nanaimo Sailor Returns To Turkey

"Non-deflatable" Boat Built In Nanaimo

Erkan Gursoy received a heroes welcome as he sailed into the Turkish port of Canakkale in the boat he made while living in Nanaimo. He describes the craft as 'not nice to look at', ' an awful sailboat' but ' safe and would have to be virtually ripped in half to sink entirely'.

This National Post article records the amazing adventures of this man who had to wait for a Coast Guard ice breaker to free him and his vessel from a July freeze up near Alaska and surviving getting caught in the Hurricane Gonzalo. He has navigated the Northwest Passage and circumnavigated the globe.

He intends to open a boat building business in Turkey to build his patented boat with the goal of teaching young unemployed people in Turkey to build his boats.


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