Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nanaimo Updating Animal Control Regs

During its regular meeting held Monday, February 2, Council provided direction to staff to reexamine existing animal control regulations currently in place throughout Nanaimo.  Key areas of interest included:

1) Staff were directed to prepare guidelines for dog owners that encourages responsible pet ownership, while at the same time continuing with current bylaw requirements regarding the regulation of dogs. 

2) Staff were directed to prepare a bylaw to address the need for adequate ventilation in vehicles and to establish rules on tethering dogs.  The bylaw is not intended to enable the rescue of distressed dogs, however it will provide Animal Control and Bylaw Officers with the ability to issue tickets where animals are enclosed in inadequately ventilated situations or that are tethered for unacceptable periods of time.

3) Council passed a resolution that instructed staff to work with the SPCA regarding the creation of a report that may lead to a cat regulation bylaw and report back to Council at a future meeting.

"By reviewing our current bylaws surrounding the proper care of dogs and cats in Nanaimo, staff will seek ways of improving the safe keeping and control of pets in our community."  Rod Davidson  Assistant Manager Bylaw,


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