Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pratt's Expenditures Exceed Income?

While going over the election expense declarations the declaration filed by Wendy Pratt seemed to show her expenditures exceeded her income by $4,725.00.

You will note the total income reported in box A was $7,180.00 while the total expendtiures reported in box B were $11,905.55 which at first glance raises the question of whether all expenses incurred were ever paid, and if so shouldn't that income be reported?



  1. Is this fore shadowing of what we can expect from the elected councillor that the expenses will be much larger than the income and we will be left wondering where the extra money will come from?

  2. No wonder half the current council doesn't give a damn about spending my money - some do not even care if they go into the red!

  3. Jim Taylor: Has Councillor Pratt contacted you in response to this? If the amount of expenditures reported was the ACTUAL amount expended .... and assuming the reporting was accurate ... then it should have been disclosed where the shortfall came from ....... also, it appears that only 1/2 of the campaign manager's fee was actually shown as an expenditure. Wonder if Elections BC cares about any of this?

  4. Wendy did respond on a Facebook thread. She says she paid the difference out of her own pocket and didn't think that needed to be reported. I have asked if that was the advice of her Financial Agent but she has not responded. The BC Elections guide is very clear, that her out of pocket should be reported as a contribution. Not sure what to think, when a Councillor has a problem with a very simple report.


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