Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some Disturbing News About The Wellcox Site

Significant Archaeological Findings On Pallet Site

At Monday's city council meeting Mr. Corsan gave a report on recent site investigation results associated with the recently completed Detailed Site Invesitgation of the city-owned property at 1 Port Drive.

At the outset of his report Mr. Corsan said that they had thought site remediation could have cost between $10 and $30 million to clean up the site depending on what was discovered. I was surprised at this number as to my recollection when this purchase was first presented to the public, there was no mention of such staggering potential costs.

As it stands there is about 3 acres which will require some form of remediation, with a 'hot spot' identified in the area of the property that is beneath the water in the area of the water lot we also purchased. It will take further investigation to determine the cost of cleaning up this area as well.


During this presentation a question was asked about the cleanup of the Pallet Farm that had been on this property. City Manager Ted Swabey, almost casually said there had been a significant archaeological finding on that site in the form of a midden. I believe he made reference to the fact that SFN was aware of the finding.

According to some Facebook chatter, it would seem that Douglas White has heard nothing of this find. It also seemed to be news for Councillor Yoachim as well.

It would seem most unwise for the city of Nanaimo to proceed with anymore remedial, or other work on this site until matters with SFN have been made crystal clear.



  1. Can you say - WTF!!!!

  2. Would be so nice if city staff did their homework BEFORE recommending city spend lots of money--out of our pockets!--to buy property that needs such serious "re-mediation" before it can be used safely and honourably. Shades of Colliery Dam. . .


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