Tuesday, March 03, 2015

CDPPS Questions DSS Letter & Staff Silence

Jeff Solomon Addresses Council

Once again Jeff Solomon from the CDPPS appeared before Nanaimo City Council at the March 2 council meeting. He made a brief presentation which focused on the timelines and interaction with the DSS over the past two years during the Colliery Dam Saga.

Mr. Solomon's timeline would suggest there has been some kind of collaboration between city staff and DSS providing support to the city's position of removing the Colliery Dams. 

He also questioned what has been the lack of response from city staff to the direction given in Councillor Yoachim's Feb. 2 motion which included city staff and the other stakeholders meeting to come to an acceptable solution to this ongoing saga.

He made it quite clear his group is ready, willing and able to do their part to arrive at the least expensive, least intrusive solution to this problem, which some see as not a problem at all. Among other points Solomon touched upon was the fact that the city engineers have not provided his group with the information they used when calculating the capacity of the spillways to handle excess water in a storm event. 

During his presentation Solomon noted that the engineering firm which claims the spillway can handle a maximum flow rate of X cubic feet per second have never actually been on the site and taken measurements of the actual spillway. They have been asking to examine the calculations used to arrive at the conclusion the existing spillway is inadequate. To date the city has not been forthcoming with that information making it impossible for the CDPPS to confirm the spillway capacity, which they feel could be grossly understated.


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  1. Jeff was right. But they continued to plug their ears to what he was saying.


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