Thursday, March 05, 2015

Leonard Krog MLA Responds To Question

I inquired of Leonard Krog MLA if he had given the advice to Mayor McKay which McKay made reference to during the City Council meeting of March 2. Follows is the response from Krog:

"Assuming your quote of the Mayor is accurate I can say that I have said to several former and present members of Council that I was/am concerned that in the event of a disaster if the Province had made an order and Council had not complied or even having been made aware of a serious problem under its jurisdiction and not taken remedial steps that there could be a criminal issue and I assume Council has sought appropriate legal advice on this from the City's solicitors. I confirm that am not now and have never been retained by the City as a lawyer or would I act for the City either for that matter given my position as MLA. I have not seen nor am I privy to any correspondence from the province. I am of course flattered by the Mayor's description! I expect and trust you will publish this reponse in full."


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