Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Strait Hunter - Update

Strait Hunter tied up at the visitor's pier

I inquired of the company which owns this ship, McGregor GeoScience Limited from Bedford Nova Scotia as to what brings the Strait Hunter to Nanaimo. Apparently the ship and crew had been working near Prince Rupert engaged in Seabed mapping on a couple of the proposed LNG marine pipeline routes. They were basically hanging out in Nanaimo waiting for more work to come up.

The crew is likely happy to spend some time enjoying the weather Nanaimo has to offer when compared to their home in Nova Scotia.

The 60 metre R/V Strait Hunter was spotted tied up at the visitors pier in the inner harbour on Sunday morning. 

According to the company website the R/V Strait Hunter is a 60m vessel with an ice strengthened hull and has been built and maintained as a survey research platform. With accommodations for 36 personnel, large air conditioned survey rooms, on and offline processing areas, built-in work stations and spacious deck it is ideally suited for surveys in water depths ranging from 100m to full ocean depth.


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