Wednesday, April 22, 2015

App Shows Road Construction Zones

Online mapping shows current road and utility projects
Knowledge of what's going on now just a click away!

Following on the introduction of other online mapping tools, including the "What's Building in my Neighbourhood" and the "Crime Map", the City of Nanaimo has launched another convenient resource intended to provide residents with information on City construction projects located near their home, school, workplace or wherever they happen to be.

Created by the City's IT Department, the Current Construction Projects mapping tool provides users with information outlining the location and description of major capital construction projects being managed by the City of Nanaimo.   Information discussing why the project is needed, projected time lines and cost are also provided.

Projects scheduled will be added to the map, as the information is available, but once weekly updates are anticipated. The map will allow the commuting public to plan their trips to avoid construction site delays. At this time city maintenance work and private utilities work (BC Hydro, Telus, Shaw and Fortis) will not be shown on the map.

"While the outcome of a construction project leads to improvements and efficiencies, dealing with construction projects as they unfold can often be frustrating to residents, businesses and commuters.  The Current Construction Projects online mapping tool is intended to reduce frustration by doing a better job of providing people with easy to access information detailing effected dates, time lines and locations of construction projects near where they live, work or visit. With this information in hand, everyone can now be better prepared to plan ahead or stay informed."Steve Rickett Manager Construction City of Nanaimo


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