Thursday, April 30, 2015

City of Nanaimo Colliery Dams Update

City of Nanaimo Press Release
Colliery Dam Update

At its meeting held April 27, Council directed staff to request that the Comptroller of Water Rights amend his Order of April 9 to allow consideration of a third remediation option (overtopping) and a 30-day extension for the City to submit a remediation option, submit a design, and substantially complete the chosen remediation for the Lower Colliery Dam.  The third remediation option includes hardening the downstream embankment of the Lower Dam and improvements to the Lower Dam spillway/dam.  Additionally, Council directed staff to engage an engineering consultant to assist in preparation of the design drawings, costs and timelines and allocate funds to undertake the work required.

The City has received verbal confirmation from the Dam Safety Section that the Comptroller would agree to the time amendments and third remediation option and that he would be responding formally later this week.

City staff have notified the engineering consultants that will be involved in the preparation of the design drawing, costs, and timelines.

Members of the public seeking additional information concerning the Colliery Dams are encouraged to visit the Colliery Dams Information page located on the City's website.

"Staff and consultants will be moving forward immediately in preparation of this information for Council’s consideration prior to the June 1 deadline for submission of a remediation option for the Colliery Dams." - Toby Seward Acting General Manager, Community Development & Protective Services City of Nanaimo 


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  1. Interesting that in the updates there is no mention of the motion for the stay or the appeal...................wonder how that happened?


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