Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Colliery Dam Support Demonstrated

Demonstration outside the City SARC building

A group of Colliery Dam supporters demonstrated outside the SARC building this morning as a meeting with the Water Comptroller and City representatives was being conducted inside.

The meeting included the Water Comptroller, City staff members including Mr. Swabey and Mr. Seward, City Councillors Jim Kipp and Bill Bestwick and Mr. Bullock who is the Engineer from GSI.

Details of the meeting were not being made public but will be dealing with the city requesting a stay of the recent order for Colliery Dams, so that an alternate option can be explored. Currently the two options for remediation include costly and intrusive solutions which could possibly be dealt with at considerable saving to Nanaimo taxpayers and have far less impact on the park.

One option being considered by the city is an $8.1 million (estimate) expansion of the spillway which could cost considerably more when the final costs are known. If the stay is granted, an option put forward by GSI could provide the needed overtopping protection for less than $3 million for both the middle and lower dam.

Details at the Special City Council Meeting this afternoon at 4:30 

It is presumed the decisions/opinions considered this morning will be presented to the full city council this afternoon at the 3:00 in-camera meeting, which will reconvene as a public meeting at 4:30 in the Shaw Auditorium.

"I thought it would be good to have respectful community presence outside of the SARC building to show that the community is still concerned about expensive, invasive and destructive options that the DSS has selected. I wanted to show my support for GSI, which is a less invasive and less expensive option." - Louise Gilfoy, event organizer.


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