Thursday, April 30, 2015

Colliery Dams Are Just Fine Leave Them Alone

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They are 'just fine' but lets spend Millions of tax dollars on them anyway!!!

During the election campaign Bill McKay was asked for his opinion on the Colliery Dams. Now that he is Mayor McKay his position on the Colliery Dams seems to have changed somewhat.

During the campaign he said the dams were fine and we should leave them alone. Before getting elected he seemed to promise under his leadership we would not spend any more money on them.

Now, that he has been elected to the 'Big Chair' he seems to be of the opinion that council is no longer a cat chasing it's tail, and that the community is no longer laughing at them. 

I would hazard a guess that it seems he is now the one chasing his tail, and many while not laughing at him, are absolutely upset at what appears another example of political flip-flop, saying one thing to get votes and then the opposite once elected.


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