Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Colliery Dams Breaking News April 1

Green Area Shows Size Of New Ponds
Exclusive to Nanaimo Info Blog
Dam Face To Be Increased By Ten Metres

NANAIMO - April 1, 2015 Jim Taylor

The Colliery Dams Park Preservation Society have insisted on having another engineering firm assess the risk the Colliery Dams pose for the residents of Harewood. City manager Mr. Seward is not convinced there will only be a 2 metre wall of water overtopping the existing dams and is confident another firm will confirm his concerns that the dam face should be increased by 10 metres.

If his suspicions are confirmed it will allow the ponds to not only remain in the park but to be increased in size by two fold and increase depth to over 50 feet which will allow for a colder body of water, making the introduction of giant freshwater Groupers a viable new fishery industry for Nanaimo.

The only immediate downside to the increased dam height and corresponding increased size of the ponds will be the elimination of the trees surrounding the water for a distance of 50 meters on all sides.

The installation of a new high diving platform can now be added to the popular park with the advent of the much deeper bodies of water. The giant freshwater Grouper industry is expected to yield the first harvest in two years as the fingerlings mature to market size through their constant diet of smaller fish, salamanders, mink, otters, birds and the occassional hapless swimmer.

This should finally resolve for once and for all the issue that has become known as the Colliery Dams Saga, also known as the time Nanaimo decided to take its residents to court before they did anything.



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