Thursday, April 30, 2015

Colliery Dams - Direct Action Group Takes Shape


Mr. Terry Lee Wagar, who has been involved with the Colliery Dams Park saga for quite sometime has begun a new group on Facebook with the intent of preserving the integrity of Colliery Dam Park even if that involves committing civil disobedience.

One of Mr. Wagar's posts on the page in part says:

" Members of this group agree with then Councilor Bill Mackay that "the Dams are fine".. Unlike Mr.Mackay, however, we mean it and are willing to back it up with Direct Action. Direct Action means that we are willing to commit Civil Disobedience, by means of public protests, and other actions that may not be legal - such as blocking construction work at the Dam, or defying court orders aimed at stopping public protest. This group is for people to publicly state their intent to stand up and risk arrest to fight for our Park.

Members of this group know that the Dams have not been proven dangerous, and will not stand for their tax dollars being wasted on needless work at the Park"
You can check out this new group and follow their progress by visiting their page which is public.


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