Friday, April 24, 2015

Colliery Dams Update - City Press Release

Colliery Dams Update

On April 22, City representatives met with the Comptroller of Water Rights to request an amendment to the Comptroller’s Order to remediate the Colliery Dams.  The City requested that the Comptroller consider an amendment that would allow a third remediation option (overtopping design) to be considered and additional time to further develop this option.

The Comptroller advised that he would consider the request and asked that the City put its proposal in writing for his review.  Staff is preparing a report for Council’s meeting of April 27 that will detail the proposed third option and the timeline extensions requested to choose a remediation option and prepare design drawings.

Once Council has provided direction to staff on April 27, a request for an amendment will be forwarded to the Comptroller for consideration.

Members of the public seeking information concerning the Colliery Dams are encouraged to visit the Colliery Dams Information page located on the City's website.

"The Comptroller was receptive to the City’s request for an amendment to his Order and we look forward to a positive response from him as early as next week."Bill McKay Mayor City of Nanaimo 


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  1. Sheesh, it's time to just make a decision already! We've spent way too much $ on doing absolutely nothing as of yet


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