Thursday, April 23, 2015

Conference Centre Hotel - Amazing Similarities

SSS Manhao looks a lot like the Millenium Hotel

While attending the Special City Council Meeting on Wednesday afternoon I checked out the site of the much anticipated hotel which we are told will make a roaring success of the convention centre.

The above picture shows what is left of all the 'pretty pictures' that adorned the site last Sept. when there was a ribbon cutting of sort complete with Mayor Ruttan, Chief John Wesley and the CEO of SSS Manhao.



  1. As an investor, I might find the development cost charges too high. Another factor could be the community plan which hopefully will receive full attention in the "core review" which is coming up. Nanaimo must take positive steps into this century by actively promoting tourism and the development of "green energy" associated business and technical business. It is the way of the next century and Nanaimo needs to put in a concerted effort on that front. Then the investors will flock here. I guess what I am saying is that it is time for the town to have some vision and come of age............................the 90's were over a long time ago.

  2. Is that laundry now hanging on the fence line?


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