Saturday, April 25, 2015

Festival of Banners On Display Until May 2

Nanaimo Festival of Banners 2015

This year's Festival of Banners are being completed in the biggest, best-lit storefront they have ever been in. They are situated in Nanaimo North Town Centre between centre court and London Drugs.

There were 200 entrants this year following the theme of 'My Favourite Things' and will adorn Nanaimo streets for this season, to be taken down in the fall and offered for sale.

Entrants submit a concept drawing and if accepted pay a $10 fee for materials which is considerably less than the $100 each banner costs the Nanaimo Art Gallery.

After being fitted with grommets, the double-sided banners are installed by city works crews without charge to the Art Gallery.

If you hurry you can see this years banners before they go up, and you can also purchase one of last years banners, whcih are on sale for the ridiculously low price of only $25.00. May 2 is the last day to visit the storefront in Nanaimo North Town Centre.


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  1. You say the $10 fee for banner materials is "considerably less than the $100 each banner costs the Nanaimo Art Gallery" - but shouldn't you be thanking city taxpayers as I believe council each year okays the kicking-in of $2,000 for the banner program....Meaning it's taxpayer's money paying for this program who should be getting the credit.


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