Saturday, April 18, 2015

Harewood Flood Siren - False Alarm

Did anyone believe the warning?
Does anyone believe there is a danger?

This past Monday someone doing maintenance apparently set off the flood evacuation siren in Harewood, which sounded for quite some time on full volume.

The city claims they dispatched people to the area to advise the alarm was false and put notices on Twitter and the radio. All well and good.

The response to the siren speaks to how effective such warning devices are, and how people generally don't respond unless they can confirm the danger. Just because the alarm was sounding the school did not empty out nor did Harewood residents flee for their lives following the well-signed escape routes.

Has the Colliery Dams Saga been a False Alarm from the start?

On reflection, perhaps this has nothing to do with people's response to warning of real danger, but rather to the idea that only a few people at city hall have ever seen the Colliery Dams flood hazard as anything but a confusing story concocted by city hall staff, for reasons yet to be known.

Perhaps it is accurate to say that this whole damn Colliery Dams 'hazard' has been nothing but a false alarm from the beginning. There have been no sound engineer studies to date to support the claimed hazard we are being asked to spend $8 million +++ to remediate.


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