Thursday, April 30, 2015

Many Canadians Expect To Never Stop Working

Semi-Retirement Expected By Many

A Canadian Press article published by Huffington Post suggests more than half of Canadians either plan to ease into retirement by working reduced hours or have no plans to ever quit.

While financial pressures have a bearing on some peoples need to keep working 38% were choosing to work because they did not want to fully retire. Many said they choose to continue to keep physically fit and mentally active.

World's Best Places To Retire in 2015

According to International Living the best place to retire is Ecuador which is listed as the #1 retirement haven. They claim a couple can live well there on $1400/month including rent. A doctor's visit is said to cost $10 while a main course in a restaurant can be had for as little as $2.50.

World-class medical facilities are reported throughout the country and direct flights from the States are listed as another advantage claiming one of the most robust economies on the continent with a GDP growing an average of 4.54% a year since 2,000.


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