Thursday, April 02, 2015

Mount Benson Has No Snow

Far Too Early To Be Planting?

When I first moved to Nanaimo decades ago an older farmer I knew told me there was no point in planting anything in the garden until either May 24th or until there was no snow on Mount Benson. He was referring to the fact that even if it was May 24th if there was still snow on the mountain it was still too cold.

His experience told him, that until things had warmed up enough to melt off all the snow, then things were still too cold for a good growing cycle. That is witnessed by the lack of growth that occurs when you take those lovely, greenhouse grown plants home from the stores garden centre and plant them in the cold, cold ground.

I have never known these early plantings to really 'take' and start growing and in fact they usually led to me buying replacements in another month or so as many of them simply died off.

The lack of snow on Mount Benson this early may not just be a function of temperature (there was frost on the car this morning) it could simply be, because there has been very little snow, or precipitation this winter.

Whether these changes are a sign of generally changing weather or simply a cycle that is repeating itself, I will leave to brighter minds than mine.

That said I did notice the other day, that Costco had their whole outdoor garden centre set up already with lots and lots of lovely looking potted plants ready to be taken home.


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  1. Does all this green on the mountain top Moses mean there WON'T be a huge snow melt, which would have caused large amounts of water to come pouring into the dams, causing them to over-top, thus unleashing chaos of mass proportions?



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