Thursday, April 09, 2015

Province Issues Order - Colliery Dam Remediation

The following is taken in part from the order issued April 9/15 by Glen Davidson, Comptroller of Water Rights.

This order and Mr. Davidson's accompanying letter are included with the draft Committee of the Whole agenda for April 13/15. 

NOW THEREFORE, I, Glen Davidson, Comptroller of Water Rights, pursuant to Section 88(l)(d) of the Water Act, hereby order the City of Nanaimo to correct the potential safety hazard of Middle Dam and Lower Dam by:

1. Immediately undertaking the necessary steps to increase the flood routing capacity of Lower Dam to 144.0 cms, as calculated by Golder, in order to meet an annual exceedance probability design flood event level that is 2/3 of the way between a 1 in 1000 year flood and the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) in respect of Lower Dam, by:

a. Selecting one of the two following Lower Dam remediation options (as described by

Golder) in order to address the potential safety hazard of Lower Dam:

     i. the Labyrinth Spillway Design (Report on Dam Remediation Options, Golder, August 29,2014); or

     ii. the Auxiliary Spillway Design (Auxiliary Spillway - Conceptual Design, Golder, January 16,2015;

b. Notifying this office of the selected option by May 1,2015;

c. Preparing and submitting a design report and construction plans, for approval under Section 4 of the B.C. Dam Safety Regulation by May 22,2015;

d. Substantially completing the chosen remediation option by October 15,2015; and

2. Once the chosen remediation option for Lower Dam has been completed (as required by Section 1 of this Order), the City must undertake the following actions:

a. Prepare and submit to this office by the end of 2015, a revised conceptual plan that identifies and prioritizes any actions required to correct the potential safety hazard with Middle Dam, along with a timeline for taking those actions within a.reasonably expeditious time frame, timed to follow after completion of actions to correct the potential safety hazard with Lower Dam; and,

b. Implement the revised plan, based on the priorities identified in the plan, within a reasonably expeditious time frame but h o later than the end o f 2017, and in accordance with Section 4 of the B.C. Dam Safety Regulation, as applicable to any alteration, improvement or replacement to all or any part of the dam intended to correct a potential safety hazard and which must be implemented in a timely manner.

Dated at Victoria, British Columbia this 9^ day of April, 2015.

Note: Mr. Davidson's letter includes direction to appeal this order.


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