Saturday, April 25, 2015

Simple Is Always Good - Sometimes The Best

"Picture Frame" - Simply Delightful

What is arguably one of the most photographed objects in Nanaimo, began life as part of the temporary art program which paid artists a fee to provide a piece of art for a season. The artist remains the owner of the property which is left on display for a year in some area of our parks.

The 'picture frame' was installed two summers ago and proved an instant hit with residents and visitors alike. Kids climb on it, people use it to frame a photo of themselves or as a frame for some of the awesome natural views of our waterfront.

The frame was only intended to be on display for one season, but given it's popularity it was purchased by the city so it can continue to please park visitors for times to come. The frame is in Maffeo Sutton Park right in front of Swy-a-lana lagoon. A paved area has replaced the grass which was worn down with all the attention this piece attracts.


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