Monday, May 25, 2015

4 Car Nanaimo Crash Caused By Squirrel?

It has been reported by the RCMP that a driver slamming on his brakes on the busy Island Highway caused a four vehicle accident last Friday morning.

The driver hit the brakes to allow a squirrel (rat with a cute coat) to scamper across two lanes of traffic where speeds are in the 110 kmh range. The poor choice of action resulted in being rear-ended by a commercial food truck and two other pick up trucks. One of the vehicles sustained enough damage to require towing.

Fortunately no one involved in the accident required medical attention. The fate of the squirrel was not reported but it is presumed he made good his pursuit of an acorn likely rolling across the road.



  1. 4 Car Nanaimo Crash Caused By Squirrel? - Not So ! ! !

    I usually find your daily postings informative and often helpful or amusing. This 'report' is none of those things.

    There are any number of entirely valid reasons for a driver to brake suddenly.

    The only 'poor choice of action' was that of the following truck drivers not allowing sufficient space between themselves and the vehicle in front of them.

    The two second rule does that, (provided you are also paying attention) - the two car length rule does not.

    In wrongly attributing blame here, this piece excuses and encourages the dangerous driving practices that are a real cause of many accidents that do result in serious harm.

    1. U were not there and u have no idea where or how is accident occurred. Are you going to tell me that every accident on the highway could be avoided due to a two or three second rule. Bull. There are pile ups every day in this country and more contributing factors. This was the cause of one persons hasty reaction that was negligent and reckless to say the least.

  2. I would hope that any driver that rear ended another vehicle was charged under the motor vehicle act. Following too close is a common practice around here. Most local drivers speed up to reduce the space between themselves on the guy in front of them and then follow too close.
    Makes no sense to me driving at the same speed as the guy in front of you and not giving ample space reduces everyone's work load while on the road. Tailgating gets you there no sooner.

  3. While the following too closely argument has merit, and theoretically you are supposed to be able to anticipate and react to what the car in front of you may do, including stopping in the middle of a fast moving highway to avoid a squirrel which you also never saw calls into question the judgement of the driver who decided to hit the brakes because a little woodland creature was where he should not be. I believe there is a burden on the driver to judge if hitting the brakes under those conditions is a wise thing to do. Obviously, in this case it was not.


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