Sunday, May 10, 2015

Art Week May 11 - 15 In Nanaimo

City of Nanaimo Celebrates Public Art Week, May 11-15
Seven new pieces of temporary art to be installed

The City of Nanaimo is celebrating Public Art Week from May 11 to 15, 2015.  Seven new pieces of temporary art were approved for 2015 and will be installed throughout the city in anticipation of Public Art Week. Over the course of the week, residents are encouraged to explore and celebrate the collection of public art found throughout Nanaimo. 

Art Approved for 2015:  CAKE by Ron Hart & Michael Futega; COMING SOON by Jason Gress; TALL CRABS by Michael Truelove; INFRAWOLF by Tonya Hart; DANCING EAGLE by Joel Good; and SOLSTICE by Elizabeth Wellburn, Deryk & Samuel Houston. 

To date, EMBARKING and TALL CRABS has been installed at Maffeo Sutton Park; and SOLSTICE has been installed at MacGregor Park.

SOLSTICE by Elizabeth Wellburn

Public art is created by artists for public sites. It can increase the sense of place for individual neighbourhoods and the city as a whole. Some art pieces can be permanent such as "Pacific Sails" on the Harbourfront Walkway, while others are temporary such as the Downtown Festival of Banners. Public art energizes public spaces, promotes thinking and debate, and transforms the places we live, work and play into a more welcoming and beautiful setting.

How will you celebrate Public Art Week?

"A successful public art program helps communities develop a sense of pride and ownership in public places and neighbourhoods." - Bill McKay Mayor City of Nanaimo 

Back by popular demand: DUNGENESS CRAB, a popular temporary art piece carved by Dan Richey in 2014, has returned to the waterfront.


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