Friday, May 22, 2015

City Council Gets 'Bumped' From Shaw Auditorium

City Council get the boot for next two meetings

You will note that next Monday's meeting of Council will be held in the SARC building boardroom and the following meeting will be held at the RDN.

The reason we are getting the boot is because the Conference centre is hosting two conferences and the auditorium will be in use by those delegates.

Don't we have any priority??

Given the amount of money we have invested in video equipment and the recent $12,000 spent to re-arrange the council/staff seating, and the further $7,000 or so for new television screens, you have to wonder why we are putting money into a facility we have no say as to when we use it.

I presume this has never been considered an issue given the challenges the conference centre has experienced, but it does beg the question of where will council meet, if the conference centre gets as busy as hoped for??



  1. Wow. People worry/complain when we don't have conferences utilizing the center, and people worry/complain when we DO have conferences utilizing the center. Can't win. This facility wasn't designed for the use of city council to begin with (to my knowledge), so yes, they can take a back seat on rare occasions. If the facility gets too busy (doubtful), council will have to find another home, just as they had years ago, and the equipment, furniture, assets, etc, will be moved and reutilized obviously.

  2. If the 'people' worrying/complaining is directed at the author (me), then that is not the point of the post. The only real issue is the fact, that the Shaw Auditorium is the only facility from which the meetings can be video recorded and broadcast. The other issue, is the lack of space available at the SARC building boardroom... 20 spectators is about tops which is totally inadequate for some issues which have seen as many as 200+ people in the Shaw Auditorium. There also does seem to be some confusion as to what the actual policy is regards use of the auditorium.


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