Monday, May 25, 2015

Community Performing Arts Centre - Regroup

Port Theatre Society Project Hits Major 'Bump'

Port Theatre Society GM Bruce Halliday and the President of the society gave council a brief update on the status of their fundraising efforts to make the performing arts centre a reality.

In what came as a big surprise and major disappointment the Society  has suffered a setback when a major sponsor fell through. The Society has withdrawn an application for Heritage Canada funding (?) which will allow them to reapply at a future date. They are hopeful that a consortium of local business people will be able to help put the funding together.

The project got the approval from previous city council to provide $4.6 million in funding for the project dependent upon the Society securing $8 million in funding from other sources. The city also signed a line of credit for $2 million for the society to use, but it was reported none of those funds have been used at this point.


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