Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Daily News Headline Misleading??

Indicates a tax increase of 1%
Technically accurate but misleading

The above screengrab from today's Daily News might lead you to believe that Nanaimo taxpayers have a 'modest' tax increase this year of only 1%. While that is technically accurate it does not reflect the true increased tax burden Nanaimo taxpayers can expect once you add in the RDN, NRGH, School District and Library.

The 1% referred to is only the City of Nanaimo tax increase and also ignores the increases to water, sewer and garbage rates. Those increases are said to be increased user 'fees' and not taxes, but I have long argued they are simply a tax by another name.

Your actual tax increase is also a function of your assessment so while some taxpayers may indeed see their taxes increase by 1% others can expect an increase of considerably more depending on the role assessment plays once combined with the city tax increases.



  1. Can also be a considerable decrease, based on assessment.

  2. That is true Merv, I would like to hear from anyone whose taxes have decreased considerably. It could mean they were over-assessed in years previous.


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