Saturday, May 09, 2015

Food Trucks In Nanaimo?? Popular In Victoria

This CHEK News clip highlights the popularity of the Food Truck Festival at the Royal BC Museum which runs daily from 11 am - 6 pm from now until October.

Due to the recent changes to BC liquor laws the festival also has a vendor selling local wind and beer.

“The sort of tucked-away quiet nature of it is one of the joys – you can sit here in peace hidden away from your boss and enjoy a burger and a coke,” says Scott Cooper of the Royal BC Museum.
Coming To Nanaimo Soon?
Nanaimo used to have more than one food vendor in Maffeo Sutton Park years ago, but then the powers that be decided of grant an exclusive permit to one food vendor for reasons that have long since changed.
Maffeo Sutton Park would seem one of several spots around town where food truck vendors could ply their wares offering up a variety of culinary options which would only add to the many other reasons people enjoy this waterfront park.
City Hall does seem to have been challenged when it comes to hammering out a permit that would allow food trucks to operate in the city. Hopefully with the 'Green Tape' business-friendly attitude our new council food trucks will soon be a part of the Nanaimo landscape.


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