Friday, May 15, 2015

John & Jane Doe Pre-emptive Injunction

The following is what I reported on this blog in June of 2013 when the ruling was made with regards the Anticipatory Injunction. I note the judge did say the city can now be heard on a one days notice to seek an injunction should it become necessary.

I wonder if this would apply to any action that could be taken this year?

The Supreme Court judge who heard the city of Nanaimo application for an Anticipatory Injunction against anyone who may break a park bylaw and interfere with the removal of the Colliery Dams has denied the citys' application.

He did however, make it clear the city can seek to be heard on one day's notice to seek an injunction should it become necessary due to civil disobedience at Colliery Dam Park.

The judge did not award costs to Mr. Cutts.


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