Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nanaimo - The Harbour City or Hub City

And this is why it's called the Harbour City or Hub City

I grabbed these shots a few weeks ago while checking out the downtown waterfront and Nanaimo's latest property development site (Wellcox Rail-yard). The assembly wharf is no longer crammed with finished lumber headed for far away as it once was and the Wellcox Yard is no longer a buzzing hive of activity, yet there is still much trade and commerce moving through our port.

Freight transported in and out of Nanaimo is also moved at Duke Point, which is where Seaspan is making preparation to move most of it's rubber tired freight once their new facility is complete. When that happens much of the amount of traffic they move through downtown will be reduced. They will however continue some of their operations through the Wellcox site.

The Wellcox yard is also home to ICF and Southern Rail which will continue to use this site as long as there is rail freight moving on the Island. There is no rail link to Duke Point which means Wellcox will remain the entrance for rail through Nanaimo.


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