Monday, May 25, 2015

Requested Time Extension Not Granted - Not Denied

Future of Conference Centre Hotel Undecided

A request from SSSManhao for a one year extension of the Option to Purchase agreement for the property at 100 Gordon Street was neither granted nor denied, but rather referred until June 15 at which time Council will receive a staff report.

The decision to defer was made as a result of a motion by Councillor Brennan who prefaced her motion to defer by her statement that she felt council was going to defeat a motion to grant the one year extension. This motion came after council had heard a delegation from The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation speaking in support of the extension application.

Council also had the opportunity to ask one of the principals in the company through a lawyer who also translated, questions from Council. Several reasons were given for the missed deadlines and timelines this company originally said they would meet. Lack of communication was something else also recognized by both the lawyer and members of City Council.

In February of this year, Mayor McKay is quoted in the Daily as saying he had requested, through NEDC head, Sasha Angus for the SSSManhao principals to get in touch as to the status of this project. That communication seems to have come at the eleventh hour with the clock ticking on the current agreement.

Two items of note contained in the lawyers letter to the city was the statment that the interior layout of the hotel will remain the same and only the exterior will change. It also stated that there will be no casino in the hotel.

If May 30 comes and goes without SSSManhao having a foundation in place on the site of the hotel, the city would then be in a position to exercise the option to buyback the property for the price SSSManhao orginally paid for it. That option can be exercised up until Nov. of this year.


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