Sunday, May 31, 2015

Some Colourful Visitors This Week

The top pic shows the six Evening Grosbeak that stopped in and stayed for three days, on their way to higher ground I think. They certainly standout from many of the drab coloured birds in the area.

The bottom pick shows a male Goldfinch waiting his turn as pappa feeds another of this year's new sparrows. They bring them to the feeder, where they still have to feed them, and then leave them on their own to figure it out. The Goldfinch is the male half of a pair I think have taken to nesting in the area as both have been seen at the feeder regularly for over two weeks now.

It is quite interesting how many different birds can be drawn to a feeder right in the middle of the city. They also beat watching anything the 10 million channel network has to offer these days!


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