Monday, May 04, 2015

Wellcox Property Pre-development Continues

Site of Pallet Farm 
Pallet Farm Cleaned Up
CP Ferry Dock Next - $400,000 budgeted for removal

At the May 4/15 Council meeting staff will be asking council to approve issuing a tender for the removal of the CP Ferry Dock as it is no longer serviceable and needs to be removed to enable future development going forward.

The staff report makes reference to this site as being the permanent home for a fast foot ferry service. Currently the Gadd site has been leased to operators of a fast foot ferry service, which has still to materialize.

There is a budget allowance of $400,000 for the removal of the dock, and since the tender call is for more than $250,000 it requires council's approval before proceeding. 

The implications of the archaeological site which was discovered during the Pallet site clean up has yet to be determined.

Currently Seaspan has a perpetual right of use licence for 15.5 acres of land and water on this site including the CP Ferry Dock. The map below shows the location of the dock and which land within this parcel is controlled by the City of Nanaimo and Seaspan. I believe that the ICF also has a right of use licence on this property as well. It would also be presumed that SFN will have claim as well given the archaeological site discovered recently.


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