Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Banners Brighten Up Our City At Bargain Prices

Festival of Banners add colour to Nanaimo

A couple of examples of products of this years Festival of Banners sponsored by the Nanaimo art gallery. The popular annual event allows local artists of all ages to display their talents. The materials cost the Nanaimo Art Gallery about $100 which is marginally offset by a most modest $10 fee charged to the artists. 

All in all it seems like a pretty good deal for the city of Nanaimo to be able to display original works of art for a mere $90 each. The previous years banners can be purchased at the end of the season for $25. You never know, you might snap up an original piece of art from the next Van Gogh.


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  1. Doesn't the City of Nanaimo (taxpayers) give a grant to the Art Gallery which specifically goes to the banner program?

    Therefore shouldn't you be thanking the citizenry for being so nice! :)


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