Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Is ICF Anything More Than A Website?

The other day I was at the level rail crossing at St. George Street and the Island Highway when a northbound train came through with a few rail cars. The crossing barrier and lights functioned as they should stopping traffic from proceeding.

The train passed through the crossing and proceeded on it's north bound route. The barriers went up and the lights and bells quit their warning. Within less than a minute, they activated again and once more closed off the crossing. It appears this is a malfunction as no more trains came along the track and the only one on the line by now was near Brooks landing. After a few more minutes of stopping traffic the signals and barrier returned to normal.

I felt this was an issue that should be dealt with by those running the rail line whom I believe the city pays a fee to for every crossing in the city. I looked up the ICF website and phoned the contact phone number and was assured by the nice telephone answering machine lady my call would be returned as soon as possible. That was two messages ago, and I'm still waiting. According to the ICF 2015 budget they are paying $196,000 in salaries so I would expect to hear from a real live person sooner or later.


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