Sunday, July 05, 2015

Air Quality Index - Nanaimo

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Due to the smoke haze and fine ash accumulating on vehicles from all over Nanaimo I contacted VIHA to see if they were making any calls as to air quality in the Nanaimo region. The person I spoke with was unaware of any air quality warnings on their site and referred me to the Government of Canada weather website.

The Government of Canada website has an air quality page with indicates that as of 2:30 am July 5 the air quality index for Nanaimo was 2 (1 being as low as it goes). It indicated that was the level for Sunday but the forecast quality for Monday is listed as a level 4.

When you can actually see fine ash particles collecting on car surfaces, you have to wonder if Level 2 has been determined by anyone actually witnessing what is happening, or if most of those folk are off for the weekend, being as how they are a government office.

A level 2 rating is classed as a low risk while a level 4 is classed as a moderate risk.

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