Sunday, July 05, 2015

Sproat Lake - Dog Mountain Fire Update

Photos: Courtesy BC Wildfire Service

As of 3:11 pm July 5 the BC Wildfire service reports the estimated size of this fire is 35 hectares and is burning aggressively on the top of a mountain and has backed down the slope and is now within 60 meters of the cabins.  Fire is surrounded by steep terrain on all sides. The retardant dropped by the air tankers yesterday and the water dropped by the helicopters yesterday and today has been effective in slowing the further growth near the cabins.

Cabins at the lake level with boat only access were evacuated yesterday with help from the RCMP. This area is still considered dangerous due to the rolling debris coming downhill from the fire. One of the firefighers working on the fire overnight reported a large boulder rolling down the slope to the cabin level. The public is cautioned that this is a very active and dangerous response area, and they should not approach the area by boat or foot.

There are 21 firefighters and 3 helicopters fighting this fire. Air Tankers dropped retardant on the fire on Saturday, which has the ability to retard the movement of the fire when either wet or dry. Helicopters, including a heavy helicopter, are also bucketing on the fire to cool hot spots and reduce fire behaviour.


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