Monday, August 24, 2015

Colliery Dams Select Committee - Another Paper Tiger

Another Illusion of Inclusion

Having followed the Colliery Dams Debacle from it's very first appearance in the public realm until the present day, and truly amazed at how it has come this far, I can't say I was surprised by what I saw at the Select Committee meeting set up to deal with the continuing saga.

Not unlike the technical committee which gives the illusion of public inclusion, this committee will accomplish nothing and have zero meaningful input into the whole process. It's a good gig if you are hauling down the Per diem as a facilitator but for the rest of us, including committee members it is just another smoke and mirrors exercise.

Blank Cheque Being Signed Tomorrow?

Committee facilitator Michele Corfield will be attending the opening of the 'tenders' for the RFP put out by the city for the cost plus contract to build the auxiliary spillway that DSB is insisting Nanaimo taxpayers fund. Staff will likely be recommending that council accept one of the bids at the Aug. 31 Special Council Meeting.

This whole rushed, artificial deadline is the product of what appears to be bullying bureaucrats on a massive power trip. To think, that our elected council is being bullied and threatened into making decisions with a gun to their heads, keeping them from keeping election promises should be infuriating to every taxpayer in the city of Nanaimo.

I suspect that city staff want to get this file closed as soon as possible and secretly live in fear that further due diligence will prove that the result of their second 'study' could prove as erroneous as their first. You will remember at one time they had us convinced 150 people would die, as the dams failed in 3 minutes in an earthquake. Turns out after proper study, that scenario was proven incorrect.

Not just a few people think further study could also prove the Noah's flood threat is equally as erroneous. Of course, city hall staff would hate to be held accountable for wasting tax dollars on the second study, as they did the first. 

We elected this council to exercise proper due diligence before spending millions of tax dollars on what could very well prove to be a problem that does not exist. Is it acceptable that the bullying bureaucrats can thwart the wishes of the electorate of Nanaimo?

If you don't think so, let your Councillor know they have your support to stand up against this edict from on High. 


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