Friday, August 28, 2015

Core Review Poll - 93% Favour Outside Consultant

Readers of Nanaimo Info Blog clearly favour having an outside consultant conduct a core review of how city business is conducted. With over 3800 votes cast there is little doubt as to the desire to have a meaningful core review undertaken.

This City Council is engaged in the process of hiring an outside consultant to conduct the review and to date have held two meetings as the 'Core Review Steering Committee'. However, a meeting scheduled for last week was cancelled which would have dealt with the terms of an RFP for a consultant to do the review. That meeting has not yet been re-scheduled, meaning it will likely be several more months before a consultant has been selected.

When or if a core review is actually done, it will clearly have no impact on the next two years city budget. There is already some discussion among councillors as to whether the Hammond Bay firehall and additional firefighters and additional RCMP officers and the automation of our garbage trucks aren't all things we can implement before a core review is complete. It is those 'rumblings' that are already giving the core review some of the earmarks of just another expensive and pointless exercise at city hall. Combine that with the 6%, 3 year contract signed with CUPE, and resulting increases flowing to exempt staff, and you have to wonder if there ever was any genuine intent to take a serious look at how our city tax dollars are spent.


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  1. Money follows the path of least resistance. If residents do not create a big stink - then the city simply does what it wants.

    If you're a top city manager, making big bucks, and don't want to rock the boat with your salary, the unions, special interest types or other councilors (there to help their friends) - isn't it just easy to keep raising taxes? There's little, except protesting, that will put a stop to the endless irresponsible spending. And it is care-free with no laws to stop the upping and upping!


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