Friday, August 14, 2015

Councillor Bestwick Wants Lot Used For Parking

Bestwick wants report on costs
turn 'hotel' lot into parking lot

Councillor Bill Bestwick will be bringing the following motion at the Aug. 17 meeting of city council.

Direct staff to prepare  a report with options and cost estimates to undertake the following:

  • remove signage and fencing from the property
  • level and place driveway chip or pave the property
  • make the property available for use by tour buses/RV's and
  • prepare the site for pay parking use
At the last city council meeting when Bestwick read out his notice of motion he said in addition to turning this lot into a parking facility, he wanted a waterfall on the face of the rock at Piper's Park with a movie screen as well. I think he was only serious about the parking lot.



  1. A parking lot. Not particularly nice looking, but our city land would finally be generating a profit. Unheard of just looking across the fence line!

  2. from luxury hotel to RV parking lot ---pretty sad stuff

  3. Be sure to add an $80,000 public restroom.

  4. cinnabar-----we need toilets !! we all go----local business doesn't appreciate 'walk-ins'


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