Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Grassroots" CALL TO ACTION

Engaged Citizen Calls For Action

Have you had enough of government bureaucrats using an extortionist's bullying tactics to force us to spend several million dollars on digging a huge gash in Colliery Dam Park? Have you had enough of watching as Government Extortionists force us to spend our money on something that is not properly shown to be a problem? Have you had enough of being bullied and harassed and forced into doing something right away, that can easily wait until next year while proper studies are done to establish what really is required?? If so, this if for YOU!!

On Monday, our duly elected Council is due to award a contract to a contractor that involves spending up to $5 million or more of our money on cutting down several dozen trees and digging a huge channel through what is now wildlife habitat in our Park. This ugly gash has not been properly shown to be needed. I invite you to join together and gather in protest, as is our right!!

At 6:00PM, Council will be announcing who will be getting the contract to destroy part of our Park and replace it with a huge ugly gash. This is not only needless, it is unconscionable.. If we stand by and say nothing - We Share The Guilt.

I ASK YOU TO JOIN ME IN THE STREET OUTSIDE THE CONFERENCE CENTRE AT 5:30PM, WHERE I WILL MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT I CAN'T MAKE HERE. We will raise our voices in solidarity and bond as a group of concerned citizens. We will not just give up and go home to sulk! We will stand up for what we know is right! We will fight!

This is completely my doing and is intended as a "grassroots" thing. The Colliery Dam Society is not organizing this - but they are invited to attend. The Dams Direct Action Group is not organizing this - but they are invited to join in. The SAVE the Dams fbook admins are not organizing this, but are invited as well. It is up to US, is up to ME and YOU! Are you going to just quit and go home, or are you going to stand up and be counted??!

This is your chance to be seen and heard. This is your chance to participate. This is your chance to do what is right. Please, take it.. At 5:30 on Monday, join me outside the Conference Centre. Bring your signs, and bring your hearts and voices. Together, we will be strong! Together, we will show we stand for justice and what we know is right!

Again, please help spread the word by copying this statement as you "share" .. Or, "invite" your friends..

Terry Lee Wagar


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