Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mayor McKay Asks For $11,000 Trip to China

Mayor McKay

Nanaimo's Hilton Hotel Project

Mayor McKay will be asking City Council to authorize an $11,000 travel expense to fund a trip to Shanghai and Beijing China. The purpose of the trip is to "advance current investment discussions related to Nanaimo's Hilton Hotel project".

The letter Mayor McKay is submitting to Council makes reference to a request being received for a small delegation to visit Shanghai and Beijing in order to continue advancing current investment discussions and establish new introductions to other prospective investors.

McKay's request refers to meetings currently being confirmed with a number of businesses, investors and organizations including the China Zhongfu Group, Shanghai Chamber of Commerce among others.

The $11,000 request is to cover the cost of airfare, lodging, local transportion and meals.



  1. This is NUTS! Going to China and spending $11,000, why?

    Just last week NEDC CEO Sasha Angus said in the Daily News "We were also successful in helping to bring the Hilton hotel project to Front Street and that project is scheduled to begin late this fall." THEN WHY GO TO CHINA!

    It smells like this Hilton Hotel deal is not happening, just like the conference centre hotel, and the mayor is running to spend my money and suck hole.



  2. Absolutely agree with Kev.

  3. sorry I don't agree with either of you -------small town mind set gets us nowhere.
    what a backward little town this can be sometimes.

    1. The "backward little town" obviously refers to the ass-backwards spending of the city officios. See latest cost-plus and no tendering for the dams!

      Yep, small town mind sets spending as much large amounts of tax money as they can. There are many smallllll minds in this town for sure.

  4. "This is NUTS! Going to China and spending $11,000, why?"

    maybe because China is a leading economy in this crazy world. maybe because we need investment to stay alive, maybe because we have to tell them we are here and ready-----maybe because it's time to collectively 'smell the coffee'--or is it a 'race' thing ? would you be happier if the 'investors' came from the US, or Europe perhaps ?

    sheesh you people, glad you aren't decision makers---

    1. What an ass, trying to play the "race" card.

      If you think money is being spent wisely by government you are very, very mistaken and are obviously an advisor friend or relative of a government type or probably just someone with no clue and like to dip into the public trough any any cost.



    2. Five warning signs to be worried about China's economy:

      Annual Growth rate 3.1% not 7%. Fudging numbers.
      China cutting interest rates means slowdown has been too quick.
      Shanghai Composite fell 30% in month so state bought. Caused scare.
      8.3% drop in Chinese exports over last 12-months.
      Devalued Yuan 3 times this week.

      I hate to break your bubble, and false day dreaming, but China's leading a world recession and maybe headed for a depression!

      Glad you're in charge of the trains not the.......

      --In the Know-ledge.

  5. Love it when there is concern about foriegn investers the racist card comes out.......
    Some of us just like our town the way it is. If it isn't good enough for you or isn't big city enough for you, move to the city

  6. percentages aside, still better than our 'economy' --- don't see investors coming from Canadian ranks at all. oh wait-----pot dispensaries, forgot those, yes we are investing big time in those !! As for liking town as it is------go ahead, dwindle away into ragged obscurity----your call buddy :-) failing communities are a dime a dozen.

    and yes the racist card is real----people spit out the words 'chinese investors' with vicious glee !! the new monetary scapegoat in this country.

  7. of course the "racist card" comes out----------have yet to meet someone yammering on about 'chinese investment', who doesn't secretly harbour a simmering fear of a middle kingdom 'takeover'. Hide behind fiscal anecdotes all you want-----I still maintain if it were American investments, we would grumble, but fling the doors wide open !

  8. behind every anecdotal story of the big bad chinese investors lies a simmering fear of a middle kingdom 'takeover'--------of course the "race card" comes out.

    completely appropriate to call it like it probably is

    If it was american money, we would grumble a bit, make patriotic noises, then fling the doors open wide !!

  9. case in point -------no one, no one had an opinion on the Hilton Hotel investors---haven't heard a peep-------no 'articles', no blogs, no discussions over coffee

    BUT the mayor mentions China, and the vitriol begins.

    disingenuous, to say the least.

    1. Talk about rambling! And please capitalize your words at the start of a sentence.

      When the NEDC head said just one week ago construction begins on the Hilton Hotel in the fall....and then the mayor says he's gotta go to China now to advance discussions YOU KNOW SOMETHING'S OFF TRACK.

      He could be going to England, France, South Africa - but when it's China - and we've just gone through the VICC Chinese hotel investors - and China's economy is failing RAPIDLY - Yeah, I'd say there's a real problem Houston. Wake-up please, Dear Throw-Away Tax Money Person!

  10. $11000 is nothing for the eventual prize-----we've probably spent 3 times that studying the pros and cons of food trucks

    ps capitals are unnecessary for comments
    and everyone's economy is failing !


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