Thursday, August 27, 2015

More On Taxes Than Food, Shelter & Clothing

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To download your copy of the Canadian Consumer Tax Index 2015 Edition click HERE.

Stats and data interpretation are for someone with more brain power than I possess, however what can be concluded from the above would make it clear that government's hands are deeper into our pockets now than before.

The above stats would also indicate we have more discretionary income than before if you consider in 1961 taxes, food, shelter and clothing accounted for 91% of family expenses  and in 2014 it accounted for 79% of family expenses. Another interesting fact might be what % of family expense was debt.


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  1. I am getting sick of politicians (federal mostly) saying they'd balance the budget.

    Well, I'm apparently a rocket scientist - because to balance a budget you simply need to RAISE TAXES!

    (Why not cut taxes - that would really be doing something to help taxpayers)



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